What makes

StoreBuilder unique?

Why StoreBuilder?
StoreBuilder combines the benefits of open source flexibility with the stability of core speed.

Traditional eCommerce platforms fall into two categories:

The first category provides all the source code, but is difficult to modify without extensive programming expertise. Outsourcing this programming can be costly, and the ongoing maintenance needed to keep it up to date can add up too.

The second category provides little or no source code, which works fine for smaller eCommerce websites, but is not ideal for enterprise-level or more complex online stores. This is because larger stores often require real-time integration with logistics or marketing applications, unique branding and fast response time with thousands or products. They also have complex SEO needs and require special flow tracking. Making all of these requirements work without access to the source code is very difficult and costly.

StoreBuilder is in a category all its own where the answer is always YES - striking the balance between an open source, and totally closed source solution.

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The StoreBuilder Hybrid Source Architecture


The StoreBuilder core is a closed source code engine that provides incredible speed via high-speed searching algorithms and caching capabilities. It also optimizes data access for raw data and images, as well as providing plug-in integration interfaces for accounting, order processing and shipping.

The StoreBuilder core engine also triggers numerous events that are captured by StoreBuilder's open source layer for actual rendering on web browsers - both desktop and mobile.

The open source layer provided by StoreBuilder is completely functional - you can use it right away. However, you can also modify the code in this layer to custom brand your online store. Anything about your store's design can be customized. You can also modify the open source layer to perform unique operational requirements, such as creating specialized shopping carts or using a custom tracking code for SEO purposes.

StoreBuilder's hybrid source approach gives you the flexibility of open source functionality, while also having the stability of a carefully crafted core engine that provides rocketship-class speed and best-in-class functionality for your enterprise eCommerce website.

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