StoreBuilder for web designers

Yes, you can create a cohesive brand & an amazing user experience for your store.

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We get it, prebuilt themes just don’t cut it when you need to keep your brand on point. While Storebuilder does have a theming engine, the real beauty is when you start from scratch. With full access to the HTML/CSS code and the ability to add JavaScript wherever you like, creating your online store with Storebuilder is just like crafting any other website: you’re in control. Don’t let your vision be limited by your platform. With Storebuilder, the answer to “Can I do that?” is always YES.

Key Features for Web Designers

Un-themey Themes

We’ve developed some pretty awesome themes, if we do say so ourselves. But if you want to dive deep and create your own entirely unique online store design, Storebuilder can. Whatever you dream up, Storebuilder can make it work. Go ahead and think outside the box!


With the absolute power of Storebuilder comes absolute power over your user’s experience. Since you can customize anything, your online store can be on the cutting edge of U/X design. Put your user experience first, and watch your sales blast off.

Put Your Best Interface Forward

You can customize not only your public-facing store, but your backend store management system as well. Create an admin dashboard to fit your company’s needs: Accounting wants to see your financials front and centre, the warehouse wants to know at a glance how many orders the overnight shift needs to organize tonight, and the CEO wants to see everything. No problem with Storebuilder. 


Have a question about designing with Storebuilder? You can call our experienced team anytime and ask them, “Can I put this product information here?” or “Can I really design this checkout page like this?” The calls will be quite short, as the answer is always YES.

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