StoreBuilder is the most flexible &

powerful enterprise eCommerce solution.

Expertly engineered to take your online store to a whole new world of growth.

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We created StoreBuilder so that we could say YES. That’s why we give you our Open Development code layer where you can change whatever you want, and create your own features. No limits for functionality, design, SEO or marketing: you’re the boss. It’s time eCommerce caught up with the rest of the digital world in terms of freedom, flexibility and power.

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Fully responsive to computers, tablets and phones

Faceted product search

Full text search

Product availability rules

Side by side product compare capabilities

Fast handlebars templating

Fully customizeable (including cart and checkout)

Smart redirects manager included

Deep google analytics integration (enhanced eCommerce tracking)

Unparalleled on-site SEO capabilities

Supports custom server side code changes

Supports server side output caching (including kernel mode caching)

Powerful static resource combination, minification and optimization


This chart is comparing advertised product features. Some features can be added to the core Shopify or Magento product via additional paid add-ons, with varying degrees of success and inter-plugin compatibility. With many popular SaaS e-commerce solutions, the initial cost may seem low, but skyrocket once you would like to add functionality such as faceted search, full text search, product comparison capabilities, and others. With StoreBuilder, these features are built in so there’s no more unknown bills, and troublesome integration headaches.

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