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Professional ($99/mo)

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Cloud ($49/mo)


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StoreBuilder unlocks infinite possibilities, without needing an unlimited budget.

Why StoreBuilder

YES, you can grow your business to the next level with enterprise eCommerce software from StoreBuilder. Allowing access to code your own features, design, functionality, reporting, SEO and so much more, StoreBuilder is the best enterprise eCommerce solution. With a simple licensing structure, you can achieve online store greatness with StoreBuilder’s flexibility and powerful engineering behind you.

Platform Licensing Details



no transaction fees
Contact Sales For new stores, or stores with a small data set and limited custom requirements.



no transaction fees
Contact Sales For established businesses with a medium to large dataset.

Enterprise & Developer


no transaction fees
Contact Sales Built for customizability, integration, scalability and large datasets.
Included in all plans
No transaction Fees 0% 0% 0%
Number of Products Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Responsive website
A responsive website adapts its layout for phones, tablets and computers to maximize device and browser compatibility.
Single-page Checkout
A single page checkout allows a customer to complete their transaction without having to navigate between multiple pages. This increases customer satisfaction by clearly communicating all the steps required to complete their purchase and minimizing errors that could be caused by forward/back brwoser navigation. Our checkout process is also re-entrant, meaning you can leave the checkout process part way through to change something and come back and continue where you left off no problem!
Custom Checkout Features
Add custom checkout features specific to your business such as gathering licenses/permits/identification for dangerous or regulated goods, limiting or adjusting shipping options for dangerous or perishable goods, accepting charitable donations inline with commercial purchases and more.
Coupons, discounts and gift cards
Flexible discount administration makes running promotions for your business easy.
Product Ratings and Reviews
Built in product ratings and reviews helps increase customer engagement.
Full Text Search (advanced onsite search)
Full Text Search allows customers to search for a product not only by its name or part number, but also all other text in its description. Our implementation takes this a step further than most competitors with special support for fractional numbers and special abbreviations.
Faceted Search (product filtering)
Faceted Search, also known as "product filtering", allows customers to narrow down a list of products by selecting options that match their interests.

StoreBuilder performs filtering updates lightning fast for a great user experience. StoreBuilder supports selecting multiple values within a filter set. The presentation of both the filters and the currently selected list of filters is completely customizable with our powerful Theme Engine.
Faceted Search Info

Product Availability Rules
Product Availability Rules allow you to control when a product is available for purchase on your website and how that availability is communicated to your customers.

Traditionally, many platforms simply expected that if your quantity on hand was 0, the product could not be purchased, if QoH was more than zero it could be purchased. However, as the market place changes it is rare for any vendor to actively stock all items they sell. Some items may be stocked locally, some items available at a local distributor, some items at a distant distributor, some items dropped shipped from the manufacturer, etc.
Side by side product compare capabilities
Granular Security Roles
Remove Powered by StoreBuilder branding $39/mo $39/mo
Online sales per year
Calculated on a trailing 12-month basis
Up to $50k Up to $250k Custom
Shipping and Fulfillment
Real-time Shipping Rates
StoreBuilder can gather real-time shipping rates and send package tracking information for:
  • Fedex
  • UPS
  • Purolater
  • DHL
  • Canada Post
  • USPS
  • if you don't see your favorite provider, contact us!
Real-time Box Packing Algorithm
Our real-time box packing algorithm virtually packages each customers order to determine how many boxes of what size will need to be shipped. This allows us to gather 100% accurate real-time shipping quotes for businesses that frequently ship multi-parcel orders including oversized items that ship separate from boxed goods.
Complete ShipStation Integration
StoreBuilder has a complete integration with ShipStation with support for all ShipStation features available for ecommerce shops.
Payment Processing
Use your own account(s) with leading paymeny gateways
StoreBuilder can process payments and refunds through leading payment processing providers, including:
  • Stripe
  • Moneris
  • Usa ePay/Chase
  • PayPal
  • Braintree
  • Bambora (prebiously known as BeanStream)
  • TD MoneyMart (powered by Bambora)
  • Authorize.Net
  • if you don't see your favorite provider, contact us!
Hosting Options
SaaS Managed Cloud Installations

Contact Sales
Software as a Service (SaaS) means we manage the website hosting infrastructure for you. SaaS hosting has low or zero upfront costs and pay as you go month to month commitments (cancel anytime). This is ideal for capital concious small to medium size businesses or larger businesses with simple requirements. This lower cost tier is sometimes referred to as "Shared Hosting" as the hosting environment is shared accross multiple storebuilder customers and does not allow for some enterprise features such as uploading your own custom code that requires full trust.

Low Commitment
Low Cost
Custom Server-Side Code (limited)
Full Ownership/Control
High Availability
High Scalability
Custom Security Measures

NOTE: We do not provide your email hosting and recommend industry leaders such as google apps for business ("gmail") or microsoft office365 (""). Our professional services team can help setup and configure these email platforms for you, if desired.
Dedicated Servers via Approved Hosting Partners
From $249/mo

From $499/mo
Dedicated Servers (sometimes referred to as "On-Premise Hosting") are ideal for larger business with unique requirements, scalability challenges or larger datasets. Dedicated Servers often require commitment periods of 1 to 3 years, but can be customized to your specific enterprise needs.

Low Commitment
Low Cost
Custom Server-Side Code (limited)
Full Ownership/Control
High Availability
High Scalability
Custom Security Measures

Server Clustering/Load Balancing
Load balancing multiple front end servers allows your website to route large amounts of traffic accross multiple web servers in order to increase concurrent customer capacity, fault tolerance and/or website speed. This is really only required for large enterprise organizations and will require additional setup and configuration work.
Contact Sales Contact Sales Contact Sales

Our license fee does not include design or setup of your eCommerce website. We have a variety of solutions to fit most budgets. Contact a StoreBuilder partner for more information on additional design or setup services. You can find partner information and additional services on our Services & Support page.

*Pro plan: Start at $249/mo for less than $250k in online sales volume. +$150/mo for each additional $200k in online sales up to $1m.

$999 one-time website license

$499/year for Basic support, or

$999/year for Premium support


Product Updates

Forum Support

Email Support

Phone Escalation

Web Meeting Escalation

Emergency Bug Fixes

Max Initial Response Time

24 Hours

Emergency 24x7 availability is available by special contract. Contact us for more information.

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Purchasing a StoreBuilder license gives you complete control over everything. You can write your own code on our Open Development layer, modify any option, design to your heart’s content, integrate your SEO and marketing applications, and so much more. StoreBuilder is an eCommerce solution that propels you to profitable digital greatness. 

Our license fee does not include design or setup of your eCommerce website. We have a variety of solutions to fit most budgets. Contact a StoreBuilder partner for more information on additional design or setup services. You can find partner information and additional services on our Services & Support page. A one year support subscription is mandatory with all new license purchases, and includes upgrades and answers to questions relating to the core StoreBuilder product. Questions relating to custom features or capabilities are not included in the support subscription, but these consulting services are available at an additional charge. It is not mandatory to renew your support subscription after the first year.

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