Who's driving this

rocket ship anyway?

We believe that enterprise eCommerce software should be the solution, not the problem. So we made StoreBuilder.

We’re a team of hardcore programming experts who’ve been developing software solutions for a long time. We saw a need for a more flexible enterprise eCommerce solution, and StoreBuilder is our answer. Being developers ourselves, we know how frustrating it is to be told “NO” so many times. No, you can’t add JavaScript there. No, you can’t customize this module. No, you can’t make x feature work for x reason. Enough! When growing your online store, the last thing you should be worrying about is the limitations of your eCommerce platform. So we set out to change that by creating StoreBuilder, where the answer is always “YES, that is possible.”

Learn more about us below, or get in touch. We love chatting about code almost as much as we love getting to know our customers.

Our Management Team

Anton Venema

Anton Venema

Anton is the founder, President and CEO of StoreBuilder eCommerce, and is our illustrious leader not just because of his good looks—but also because of his vast knowledge base and extensive background in web and application development. He is a passionate visionary who thrives on innovation, and who endeavours to create technology solutions that will meet the needs of tomorrow. Anton has worked as VP Development and CTO for Frozen Mountain Software, and holds a joint degree in Computing Science and Linguistics from Simon Fraser University, with a focus in machine learning and computational linguistics.

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Ben Swayne

Ben is the Senior Architect of StoreBuilder eCommerce, and is famous for his quick hands (for coding that is!). Ben has extensive experience in delivering Wordpress ecommerce development, and ASPDotNetStorefront solutions, and built StoreBuilder after encountering a lack of flexibility and control offered by the products currently on the market. He believes that attention to detail is what makes a product great, and his professional experience in inventory, warehousing and logistics was the foundation for ironing out the features most needed in a shopping cart platform. Ben holds a degree in Business Management, and also has real world experience with business logistics, accounting and marketing.

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Ted Venema

Ted Venema

Ted is the VP of Business Development not just because he’s a personable schmoozer, but because he’s got over 40 years of experience in software sales, marketing, product development and management. His goal is to build StoreBuilder into a world-wide success, and he is the driving force in developing strategic partnerships and marketing initiatives. Ted’s vast amount of industry experience includes a Masters degree in Computer Sciences from the University of British Columbia. Prior to StoreBuilder, Ted worked as VP of Business Development for Frozen Mountain Software, and held numerous positions in other companies, including being president of a $50M public company.

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