StoreBuilder for business owners

Yes, StoreBuilder is your new best friend. Don’t tell Bob, he’ll get jealous.

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YES, your next step to higher growth is here. Feeling limited by your current platform? StoreBuilder can handle anything you throw at it. Insane Black Friday traffic? No problem. A bazillion products and pricing structures? That’s cool. StoreBuilder does the heavy lifting, so you can focus on raising the bar for your team. Fully customizable to help you get your business to the next level.

Key Features for Business Owners

Fully Customizable

Do what you want with your eCommerce website, when you want it, how you want it, why you…well, you get the point. We mean it when we say StoreBuilder is flexible. Do ANYTHING. Our core code is the always functional backbone to your store, but with the Open Development layer, you can add your own features and functionality anytime you want.

Handle High Traffic

Are you amazingly popular? That’s good. With StoreBuilder, you never have to worry about traffic loads and server uptime, or if your online store can handle it. StoreBuilder can. Process thousands of orders per minute while 1,000,000 visitors browse, all up to 10x faster than any other platform.

Infinite Products

From 1 product to 1,000,000 products (or more!), StoreBuilder handles them all with fast importing and updating, and never any duplicate data entry. Easy, quick and done right the first time. If only inventing a product was as smooth.

Best in Class SEO & Reporting

Nerd alert! Climb Google’s charts faster than Gangnam Style climbed the Billboard charts. StoreBuilder is the most SEO-friendly eCommerce platform in existence, which allows you to grow your traffic, and close new sales better than ever before. Also discover advanced reporting features like abandoned cart recovery, user behaviour, and page load time stats, all located within StoreBuilder.

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