StoreBuilder for marketers

Yes, you can optimize, analyze and revise everything. Therapy bills excluded.

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You care about numbers and results. Storebuilder is the most SEO-friendly eCommmerce platform on the market, packed with powerful features for marketers and analysts. Drive more organic traffic to your online store, resulting in more sales. Know what’s selling and what’s not, and why. With up-to-the-second reports, you can tweak your SEO or marketing efforts anytime, sitewide and in realtime. Then measure, adjust and repeat.

Key Features for Marketers

Data Driven

StoreBuilder gives you the data you need to run your marketing and SEO efforts quickly and easily. Comprehensive tools within StoreBuilder allow you to see the big picture and act on it effectively. Integrate with HubSpot, email marketing services, CRMs and more so that all your marketing applications are connected to StoreBuilder, and all your customers are connected to your marketing.

Reporting & Analytics

Know what’s working and not working in real-time, all the time. Integrate seamlessly with Google Analytics and other applications. Learn more about your users so you can tailor your marketing efforts for maximum impact.

Best in Class SEO

Sitewide easy to update SEO fields. Product pages that are dynamically generated through filters, without duplication of content or pages. These unique features and more make StoreBuilder the best SEO eCommerce platform.

Volume Schmolume

Planning a huge sale? Black Friday on the way? No problem with StoreBuilder. Don’t let IT worries stop you from selling to your maximum potential. Millions of visitors and thousands of simultaneous orders are a walk in the park for StoreBuilder. You can focus on your messaging instead of worrying about your hosting and hardware.

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