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Zelen Shoes’ site speed and SEO were getting kicked to the curb.

The online shoe retail industry is highly competitive and Zelen’s previous e-commerce platform was not keeping up. Before switching to StoreBuilder, they were being buried in search engine results due to the duplicate content being created by their previous platform. That duplicate content was also part of the reason their previous site was experiencing slow load times, resulting in lost sales. They also needed a solution that efficiently integrated with their warehouse software, StoneEdge Order Manager. These big problems were severely holding back their growth until they found StoreBuilder.

StoreBuilder’s Solutions

No Duplicate Content

There can be upwards of 150 different product variations for each pair of shoes. StoreBuilder allows you to create custom attributes for each product, such as size and colour. You can display multiple attributes of a single product on listings pages without duplicate pages being created, or having to enter duplicate data. That means your customers can easily see the colours a particular shoe comes in, all at once and lightning fast, right on the main listings page — without negatively affecting your SEO.

Warehouse Integration

StoreBuilder integrates with StoneEdge Order Manager, which allows Zelen’s warehouse staff to pick and pack orders efficiently and easily. Orders are recorded in StoneEdge, which prepares all the necessary information for warehouse staff to prepare shipments, without them having to use the Zelen Shoes website to gather order details. Real-time integration with StoneEdge reduces the chance of human error in order preparation, increases efficiency for warehouse staff, and ensures that inventory levels are always accurate on Zelen’s website.

“StoreBuilder has taken us to the next level. We’re able to run our business so much more efficiently, and it provides our customers a faster, and better, shopping experience.”

President, Zelen Shoes

Zelen Shoes has seen an amazing 600% increase in speed over their previous platform.

Zelen Shoes switched their online store solution to StoreBuilder in April 2015. Since then, they’ve seen improved SEO rankings which is critical in their highly competitive market, as well as a 600% increase in site speed compared to their previous AspDotNetStorefront platform. Even a one second delay in page response time can result in a 7% reduction in conversions.* Now Zelen Shoes’ higher search engine rankings and best-in-class speed can rocket their sales to new heights.

*Source: KISSmetrics

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