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Replica Airguns needed a better shopping platform.

After encountering multiple issues with previous shopping cart platforms, Replica Airguns needed a better solution for their immense catalogue of products. Because of their large shopping cart, they often encountered slow load times, resulting in fewer checkouts and a high amount of time spent with customer service troubleshooting. Also, due to the level of filtering required for their products, they were not able to find a platform that could accommodate their specific needs and checkout options. In order to increase sales, they needed a better online shopping solution. They found that solution in StoreBuilder.

StoreBuilder’s Solutions

Lightning Fast Filtering

StoreBuilder offers a navigation, filtering and searching solution that is not only lightning fast, but it just makes sense. With StoreBuilder, navigating back in your filtering history matches users expectations without accidentally undoing more than the user expected. This makes the shopping experience for customers much easier, and results in more sales being completed.

Flexible Checkout Options

Many shopping cart platforms have rigid checkout methods that cannot be customized. These other platforms may accept multiple payment options, but they are not flexible enough to restrict certain payment options for specific products. StoreBuilder accepts multiple payment options, but unlike any other eCommerce solution out there, it allows for customizations to be made at the individual product level. In Replica Airguns' case, they sell a few items that do not align with Paypal's terms of use. For those specific products, StoreBuilder was customized to disable Paypal as a payment method, but still permit other payment options.

“Using StoreBuilder was one of the smartest business moves we’ve ever made. If we had to do it all over again, we would have come to StoreBuilder first.”

President, Replica Airguns

Replica Airguns has a 200% increase in sales year after year, thanks to the speed of StoreBuilder.

Website speed is a huge factor with online shoppers, as a slow shopping experience results in frustrated customers who leave the site without completing a purchase. Multiple studies have shown that by increasing the speed of your website, you will increase the amount of time a customer spends on your site. Since the launch of their new StoreBuilder site in October 2014, Replica Airguns has experienced a 200% increase in sales year after year.

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